MONDAY was born out of white bottles and sticky labels - well, quite literally the opposite actually. Bringing a luxury formulation in a premium bottle to the supermarket aisles, MONDAY came out swinging with a goal to disrupt the haircare aisles, and deliver a premium offering for all hair types.

MONDAY Haircare is changing the hair game, one strand at a time.

Brand: MONDAY®
Category: Haircare
Year: 2019
Awards: 6



deserves to

have good hair

The best of the
best, inside and out.

The best of the best, inside and out.

Creating MONDAY Haircare was a natural step for the brand as it continues to honor the story of the journey. When they approached Colony to build the Gold brand, our aim was to create a system that was bold and distinct in a competitive market segment most craft beers don’t approach. Tasked with creating the name, identity, and packaging design, Gold is intended to offer light beer drinkers a purposeful alternative to the mainstream in a brand with an authentic story.


Reception + Press

The packaging has always been the foundation of the brand. Clean and concise, this physical expression of the brand was designed to make the brand’s positioning understandable and approachable.


Digital + Ecommerce

Tapping into the packaging and the core of the brand’s visual language, the digital experience is a true extension of the brand story and is used as a platform to distribute the brand’s diverse content to the target audience.